Universal, universal one or of the universe - that's the meaning of Emma. So, that said, it was obvious I was destined to be a traveler. Or so I tell myself anyway. I'd never been overseas until I had my stroke, I was doing normal teenage 'stuff' like university, boyfriends and living for the weekend. Then, after my injury (although it's VERY cliche) I wanted to explore EVERYTHING. Experience EVERYTHING. Travel EVERYWHERE. Regardless of my disability, I knew I could find a way. Or a way around the hurdles. So I did.

18 countries (some 3 times each) down - and I'm FAR from stopping. There's been hiccups, some minor, some major. I've also had a whole lot of support in getting there.

Travel seems to be more accessible these days, compared to when I jumped on my first plane back in 2005. However, it’s very intimidating when you've got a disability. Not just the accommodation, but the planning, flights and when you get there - accessible activities available. So I thought I'd share some of my adventures and tell you about the ups, the downs and the 'must-knows' of different destinations.

You'll find some tales and photography of my adventures below.




There was no point to this holiday. I mean, no real objective. We didn't want to have an adventure, party, be inspired and culturally awakened or get 'loose' on local spirits (hello hospital visits) - we simply wanted to have 10 days of relaxation. We got it.



Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to experience a white Christmas. In 2018, I got one - almost. It didn’t snow Christmas Day, but it was FREEZING. That was good enough for me. Christmas carols, mulled wine, markets, fireplaces, family and friends - without the dreaded, all-consuming heat, that’s my kind of holiday.



The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's gems, and it's not hard to see why when going the distance in a classic Kombi! 



I joined my BF half way through his holiday in Queenstown last year. He was over snowboarding with mates and I'm a little unsteady treading through sand. Let alone snow.