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It was a surprise Valentines Day gift, a weekend away in a Kombi for the BF. Something to tick off the bucket list. I chose the Great Ocean Road as our destination. Pretty blessed to have this wonder of the world on our doorstep. I did some research and found Hire a Kombi - a fantastic Bellarine Peninsula, family business. Our kombi, Clancy, was fantastic. She was decked out with a 'kitchen' and sleeping quarters and stereo to boot. The BF was in heaven. And so the trip began.   

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Spending the weekend in a car, let alone a vintage Kombi, wasn’t exactly on the top of my ideal getaways. I was expecting an uncomfortable journey without a good soundtrack (the key to any successful road trip) but I was wrong. Unlike a plane trip, the kombi came with plenty of leg room (required but not often provided) for long legs that experience chronic pain and, we could stop whenever we wanted. To stretch or admire the breathtaking Great Ocean Road. Surprisingly - Clancy’s sound system didn’t skip a beat either. So it was basically the whole package - unforgettable views, tunes, ample space and the look on my boyfriend’s face behind the wheel of his dream car. A little kid in a candy shop. Clancy, you truly delivered.

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The first night we stopped at Marengo Holiday Park, about five minutes out of Apollo Bay. Only $25 for an unpowered site. We managed to get a spot right with a perfect view of the ocean so we slept listening to the sound of the waves crashing and to my delight - I didn’t freeze, the Kombi is warm when you’re snuggled up next to someone. In the morning we (or rather Gareth) cooked breakfast - eggs, toast with avo and coffee in the Kombi! If you don't have cooking facilities, the park provides all necessities to make meals and is accessible. It actually backs right onto the the Great Ocean Walk track, an accessible section of it for people with mobility limitations. 


We stopped at the beautiful Cape Otway Lighthouse, another accessible section of the Great Ocean Walk. So much fascinating history and delectable scones too.   


So much more of the Ocean Rd to explore, next time.