I've had the immense honour of interviewing many girls, girls not only overcoming adversity but breaking moulds and creating pathways for others in their wake. Shining through adversity. Conversation reduces stigma. Let's remove the stigma surrounding disability and mental health.

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I don't think a life can truly be lived unless you've encountered obstacles along the way. It helps you to grow and evolve as a citizen of the world and often, you end up giving more back then you ever thought possible.

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She's the 18 year old Brisbane girl who's taken the modeling world by storm - the first step towards her dream has been realised.



I sustained a spinal cord injury at the ripe age of 20 whilst holidaying with my mum and best friend in Bali which in turn rendered me a quadriplegic. Spinal Cord Injury is damage to the spinal cord resulting in loss of feeling, movement and sensation...