RHIANNON - #styleseries

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I have what is considered an “incomplete” injury as my spinal cord is still intact, however severely damaged. Both the brain and spinal cord make up the two major components that help our bodies function and because of the “traffic jam” between my brain and spinal cord, I am now living my life on wheels!

How do you describe your style? 

I think as I get older it kind of “evolves” and I become a little more experimental, but I am definitely one for comfort. I love the boho look because I think it fits well with my personality, kind of hippie but feminine.

How do you feel when you dress up or simply get dressed to leave the house in the morning? 

That definitely depends where I am going. If I am in gym gear I generally feel motivated, but if I’m dressed up for a speaking engagement or a meeting, I am a true girl at heart and like to feel pretty.

Name your favourite item from your wardrobe or makeup bag? 

Makeup bag is easy! I am a HUGE fan of highlighter at the moment so am obsessed with the Becca Champagne Pop highlighter

Recall your favourite fashion memory...

OOOOhhh, I think the best memory is yet to come! I’ve been lucky enough to be given my dream wedding dress by Hayley Paige for my wedding in March and I reckon that’s about to top any memory I currently have.

Why is it important to feel beautiful, regardless of your circumstance?

I believe true beauty comes from within and if you're feeling incredible on the inside, then you're going to radiate that on the outside, therefore no matter what your circumstance it’s so important to look after your health and your heart and the beauty will follow.

Edit* Since this interview, Rhiannon has gotten married. I had to share a pic of the beautiful bride! 

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