I’ve always dreamed big – ambition and adventure is my thing. At 17, in my high school yearbook I was quoted as saying "in 10yrs I'll be a fashion-designing, psycho-analysing journalist". At 17, anything is possible.

Everyone has a favourite day, usually it's their birthday. Mine was always Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve 2003, I suffered a brain haemorrhage. A stroke. I was left with a permanent paralysis to the right side of my body.

High heels had to be replaced with boots and trusty Cons. Learning to walk, talk and eat again were just some of the challenges I experienced in my fight to regain some semblance of 'normality'. Now I knows there is no such thing as 'normal'. That's a great thing. 

I've had to overcome the seemingly endless obstacles put in my way, surgery after surgery,  the crippling fear that goes hand in hand with having epilepsy and the stigma of living with a disability. Everyone has bad days - they don't last forever though. You can get through it with good conversation, good food and laying plans for future travels. Most importantly, the love of family and friends.

I'm a blogger, an accessible travel junkie, the One Handed Foodie and The Conversationalist. Most importantly, an experience advocate - an often crazy, overwhelming desire to experience everything and miss out on nothing. No matter how long it takes to get there.    

Come along for the ride x